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Better BI Manifesto

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Business Intelligence is many things, but ultimately is the delivery of timely, high quality business information to business decision makers.

Better BI is an approach to business intelligence that recognizes the primacy of the delivery of information, and that other activities and technologies are valuable in proportion to their support of the primary goal.

Better BI in practice recognizes the importance of adopting a model of early and continuous delivery of information.

Better BI advocates the value of the following:

  • Constant interaction with business decision makers in order to satisfy their information needs.
  • Ruthlessly keeping a focus on information delivery, immediately and continually.
  • Intimate analytics as the mechanism for reducing the distance between business decision makers and insights into their data.
  • High quality analytic information design as a critical element in communicating the stories the data has to tell.
  • High quality analytics developed in close collaboration with business decision makers, via intimate analytics, serve as the information designs for enterprise BI systems.

Better BI extends the traditional data warehouse-based business intelligence paradigm. The traditional model tends to shift the perspective of the BI initiative away from delivering information towards developing the highly complex technology infrastructure that will ultimately (hopefully) deliver valuable information.


Written by Chris Gerrard

May 22, 2008 at 3:53 pm

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