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The Bullet Grapherator is online.

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After noodling around with Bullet Graphs, and being frustrated at the lack of readily available, easy to use, highly effective tools for creating them, I started an Open Source project to create just such a tool.

Announcing the Bullet Grapherator, a Java project for creating dynamic data-driven Bullet Graphs that are faithful to Stephen Few’s design.

As of this posting, the Grapherator is online and fully capable of generating SVG Bullet Graphs. It’s in its first release, and there are plenty of enhancements to make, most obviously in generating other media formats – jpeg, png, PDF, etc.

Here’s the canonical Bullet Graph created by the Grapherator:

Canonical Bullet Graph

Canonical Bullet Graph

Here’s the Java code that created it:

BulletGraphSVG bGraph = new BulletGraphSVG();
bGraph.setLabel("Revenue 2005 YTD", "(U.S. $ in thousands)");
float[] ranges = {200,250};
String result = bGraph.getSVG();

I invite anyone who’s interested to please take a look and let me know what you think. Suggestions, enhancement requests, criticisms, and all other forms of civil feedback are welcome.


Written by Chris Gerrard

September 7, 2009 at 9:54 pm

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