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Design your Bullet Graphs with The Bullet Grapherator

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The Bullet Grapherator now has an integrated Designer with which you can design and render your Bullet Graphs in PNG, JPEG, and SVG.

Bullet Graph Designer

Bullet Graph Designer

Using the Designer’s Renderings tab, you can also create the Bullet Graphs in a directory of your choosing, which makes them readily available for referencing in your dashboards.

These Bullet Graphs were created during the Designer session shown above:

Designer-created PNG Bullet Graph

Designer-created PNG Bullet Graph

Designer-created JPEG Bullet Graph

Designer-created JPEG Bullet Graph

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload the SVG file.

Bullet Graphs may also be saved as templates. These templates are intended to be used when the business data changes—simply:

  1. load the appropriate template;
  2. provide the new business data
    usually the performance and comparative measures, less frequently the qualitative ranges’ values and the upper and lower limits of the quantitative scale;
  3. provide the location, name and formats of the files to create;
  4. generate the Bullet Graphs

How to get it (it’s simple and easy):

The Bullet Grapherator’s site is here.
Download it from here.
Getting Started instructions on using it are here.
Instructions on using The Designer are here.

I’m interested in hearing your observations, reactions, hints, suggestions, rants, comments, or anything else.


Written by Chris Gerrard

October 21, 2009 at 12:38 pm

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