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Inventory Your Tableau Workbooks (or…)

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“Are You Using That Field?”

It always happens: you’ve put together a nice set of Workbooks, produced a bunch of really valuable analytics, and now you need to figure out what’s where so you can:

  • accommodate the inevitable changes to the database
  • enumerate the reports
  • identify the calculated fields, and their calculations
  • identify what Dashboards and Worksheets are in what Workbooks
  • the relationships between Dashboards and Worksheets
  • so on and so forth and such like

You COULD manually browse through the Workbooks, Dashboards, and Worksheets and dutifully record everything.
(good luck with that, and with keeping up with changes)

Or you could automate the process by processing the Workbooks and teasing out the information about Dashboards, Worksheets, Rows, Columns, Filters, Fields, etc. into data that Tableau can read and then prepare a Tableau workbook that provides the essential information.

Or you could use the Tableau Inventory application that I’ve built to do the inventorying for you, and the TableauReportsInventory.twb to see the inventory.

There’s a Tableau Reports Inventory – Sample Workbooks PDF attached to this post with the output of TableauReportsInventory.twb connected to the inventory of the Tableau Sample Workbooks attached to this post. (I can’t attach Tableau Workbooks)
If you think it’s useful I’d sure like to hear about it.

I’m preparing to release the Tableau Inventory as an Open Source project, and welcome anyone who wants to participate.

I can be reached at – please put “Tableau Inventory” in the subject line.
Or comment here.


Written by Chris Gerrard

January 27, 2010 at 9:08 am

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