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High Level Enterprise BI Project Activities Diagrams

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This PDF document–Data Warehouse Typical Project–maps the normal set of high level activities involved in Enterprise BI projects.

Typical Enterprise BI projects are complex complicated affairs that have difficulty delivering Business Intelligence quickly due to multiple factors:

  • There are many complex discrete interconnected activities which have stringent analytical interconnections and dependencies
  • there is generally a lack of analytical expertise brought to bear on the data, meta-data, and meta-meta-data that needs to be transported and communicated between the various parties
  • high quality requirements are extremely difficult to achieve, primarily because there’s an enormous amount of setup work that needs to occur before an Enterprise BI tool can be connected to real data and be used to develop preliminary analytics
  • absent live reports, any end-user analytical requirements are usually low quality, low fidelity best guesses made in the vacuum of the real feedback essential for arriving at truly useful Business Intelligence

This PDF–Data Warehouse – Tableau Augmented Project Processes–highlights those areas where Tableau can be profitably employed to dramatically improve the velocity and quality of the Business Intelligence delivered to business decision makers, and in significantly streamlining the entire process stream by introducing the practices of data analysis into the Enterprise BI project activities.
In practice, this approach has been shown to provide business value early and often, and result in better Enterprise BI outcomes much sooner and at lower cost. Leaving more resources available to continuing to expand the scope, sophistication, velocity and quality of the Business Intelligence provided, and therefore providing a much higher business value delivery.


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January 28, 2010 at 12:02 am

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